Insurance Columbia SC

Learn about various insurance terms and options, including health, business, and life insurance.

Discount Auto Insurance Benefits for Hybrid Cars Columbia SC

When it comes to discounts for hybrid cars, the amount of the discount, if any, depends on the auto insurance companies. This means, just because you own a hybrid you are not automatically entitled to a discount.

How Does a Car Crash Affect Your Auto Insurance Rates? Columbia SC

If you are in a traffic accident, and you are found guilty of the cause of the accident, your auto insurance company will automatically place you in the high risk category. Once you are in the high risk category, it is perfectly legal for auto insurance companies in most states to raise your rates.

Rental Car Insurance Columbia SC

Rental car insurance can be confusing at times and downright “tricky” at others. If you don’t inquire within, you could end up paying the rental car company and your auto insurance company for coverage, when you really don’t have

What Level Deductible Should You Choose? Columbia SC

Deductible amounts are usually set at $200, $500, $1,000, or $2,500. The higher the deductible amount, the lower your auto insurance premium will be.