Education Columbia SC

Whether you are a parent of a school-aged child, a student yourself or a teacher, then this guide will help to keep you up-to-date on the newest education-related topics. Learn more about classroom trends, college degree opportunities, study tips and more.

Applying to Culinary Arts Schools Columbia SC

Chefs from a decade or two ago actually do not have culinary art degrees and did not enter culinary art schools; they gained their knowledge of the art of cooking through practice, reading, and experience. In fact, an artist of any kind (not just those connected to the culinary arts) can tell you: arts degrees are useful, but not necessary.

Digital Video Editing Degrees Columbia SC

Most digital video editing students, whether attending school on-campus or online will have access to virtual production labs which allow students to edit film, soundtracks, and audio. Degrees for this career field include Bachelor of Arts in film and video production, Bachelor of Arts in film or a Bachelor of Arts in multi-media art.

Graphics and Multimedia Degrees Columbia SC

A degree in graphics and multimedia design prepares students for a career in graphic design, multi-media art, animation, or advertising. Other related degrees include animation, fine art with a focus in multimedia design, and art with a focus in graphic design.

How to Apply for Federal Education Grants Columbia SC

If you’re off to college and you’re not exactly rich, it might be difficult to fund your college education without financial aid. You have two options: you can either apply for student loans which you will have to pay off once you have a job, or you can try applying for Federal Education grants.

Interior Design Degrees Columbia SC

Interior designers may have a degree in interior design, engineering, or architecture. A growing number of interior designers specialize in unique areas of design such as elder design, ergonomic design, or environmental (green) design.

Life Skills for Special Education Columbia SC

Students of special education classes have developmental disabilities (most of them are children with diagnosed autism), and as a teacher, you will have to come up with creative ways to teach them these life skills. Below are the skills you must teach your students so that they can cope with their daily lives.

Operations Management Degrees Columbia SC

While both the online operations management option and the on-campus option provide a high quality education for students, there are several differences that mat not work for some students. The online option might be more difficult as students are expected to be very disciplined and organized.

Top 10 Careers Columbia SC

Benefits, salaries, work environment, and advancement opportunities are just a few of the factors involved in deciding which careers are the best overall. Some professionals may place pay higher on the list than flexibility, while others my a comfortable work environment over monetary benefits.