Artificial Flower Guide Columbia SC

While actually making artificial flowers with your own bare hands sounds impractical, making flower arrangements out of store-bought silk flowers is very practical and very easy. You just need to know which artificial silk flowers to buy, and how to arrange them so that they suit your home’s interior without looking too fake.

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Artificial Flower Guide

If you’re a homemaker who happens to be a big fan of DIY and arts and crafts projects, you’re probably looking for craft making or flower making guides online. Don't worry now because this artificial flower guide should solve all your problems. While actually making artificial flowers with your own bare hands sounds impractical, making flower arrangements out of store-bought silk flowers is very practical and very easy. You just need to know which artificial silk flowers to buy, and how to arrange them so that they suit your home’s interior without looking too fake.

Choosing and buying artificial silk flowers

When you’re purchasing artificial flowers, you should try to think about your home’s color scheme first. Since these silk flowers will most probably be a permanent centerpiece for your dining or living area, you should choose hues that complement the colors of your furniture and wall paper. For example, if your home has a lot of dark wood furnishings, almost any color would probably blend with it, but orange daisies would look more inviting and natural than, say, pink roses or red tulips.

Try to choose color tones that are bright enough but not too bright that they’re obviously not real. Again, think about natural flower colors. Have you ever seen daisies with that hue of orange on them? If you have, then go ahead. But choosing too many oversized and dramatically big and bright daisies would not help you create natural looking artificial flower arrangements. The key to natural looking arrangements is in the detail. The daisies you pick from the fields are least likely to have the same shade of orange nor have exactly the same size. If you want natural looking artificial flower arrangements, purchase silk flowers that have varying shades of colors and varying sizes as well.


Looking at the foliage or the green parts of your artificial flowers is also essential when you’re trying to create natural-looking flower arrangements. You should stay away from shiny plastic leaves if you’re trying to create a natural looking silk flower arrangement. Shiny, overly-green leaves just doesn’t cut it. Again, the key here is to look for pieces that look raw enough to be real. While bright green shiny plastics may look good while you’re in the store, they’d look like your daughter’s toys once you set them in the middle of your living room or dining area. You want to create the illusion that you’ve just picked out these flowers from the field, only, they’re there, never wilting, all-year round.

Aside from the green parts of your silk flowers, you should also look for natural looking artificial sprays. If you can find a realistic looking baby’s breath silk spray, you should go ahead and buy it. The smaller the flowers of these sprays are, the better. Take a look at the stalk of these sprays and try to remember how the real ones looked like. Are the stalks of the artificial baby’s breath too light and shiny? If they are, look for other artificial sprays. Again, unless you can find a plastic spray with a matted and darker color, don’t buy it. There are artificial foliages made from fabrics, and you may have better luck in making natural looking flower arrangements with these.

Filling and container

If you’re going to be putting the flowers on a vase, make sure that it’s an opaque one that can hide the sponge, pebble or artificial fern you’ll be using to hold your arrangement. The beauty of artificial flower arrangements is that you can use anything solid to fix them into place while they’re in the vase. However, if you’re really trying to create a “realistic look” for these arrangements, letting everyone else see what’s inside the vase will work against you. An opaque vase is recommended if you’re trying to imitate real flowers, but if you would like to play with textures and you don’t want the pebbles and ferns going to waste, you can also use a transparent vase.

Arranging the flowers

When you get home, all you have to do is to prepare the vase, the fillings and the flowers. If you’re using a transparent vase, you can start by layering the filling. Most homeowners like to start with the bigger pebbles at the bottom before filling the vase with sand, and then finally topping everything off with artificial “dried fern” to create the illusion of grass. If you’re using an opaque vase, then a simple block of floral foam should do the trick before stuffing the visible parts of the vase’s opening with mock dried fern.

Next, you’ll have to work on the flowers. You should try to make the arrangement natural looking but not sloppy. To do this, work with the biggest flower first, and then put it at the very center of your arrangement. If the arrangement is going to be a centerpiece, then you have no room for flat sides. Work the shorter stalks around the tallest flower so that they’re about the same height around the central flower. Again, the key here is not to make the arrangement look too arranged. The heights can vary a little bit as long as they still look neat. Be careful about making the arrangement look too neat though. Leave spaces for the sprays. Once you’re done with the flowers, fill in the gaps with artificial baby’s breath sprays. The sprays can also stick out, but make sure that the overall look of the arrangement is “balanced”. Make sure that no side of the arrangement looks fuller or more crowded than the other sides. If it’s too balanced, mess it up a little by adding more spray to make the arrangement look more realistic.

Keeping it clean

Of course, although an artificial arrangement doesn’t need frequent changes of water, you will still have to dust it to keep the flowers clean. Nothing looks more fake than dust-filled silk flower arrangements. One a week, clean off the surface of these flowers using a damp cloth rag. You don’t need any special solution to clean the flowers off. You just need to dampen the rag with mild, soapy water.